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Articles (Biography): Imam al-Humaydi

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  • Articles (Biography): Imam al-Humaydi


    Imam al-Humaydi

    The praise of the scholars for him:

    Imam Ahmad said: I say that al-Humaidi is a leader in scholarship.

    Abu Hatim said: Al-Humaidi is the strongest person in the narrations of Ibn Uyainah and their leader and he is trustworthy, an Imam.

    Ya‟qub al-Fasawi said: Al-Humadi narrated to us, and I have never met anyone more sincere in advise to Islam and the Muslims than him.

    Al-Hakim said: If al-Bukhari found the narrations of al-Humaidi he would not go to any else‟s narrations.

    Abu Muhammad Harb alKurmani, al-Lalika`e and Ibn Taimiyyah, all called him an Imam in Sunnah.

    His authorships: The mention of his works that we have found thus far are: 1) al-Musnad; 2) Al-Radd ala Nu‟man; 3) at-Tafseer; 4) ad-Dala‟il. May Allah encompass Imam al-Humaidi with His Mercy and Forgiveness and accept his good deeds with excellence acceptance.