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The Jinn and Dates

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  • The Jinn and Dates

    In this article I will try shade the light on the Dates and why the Jinn hate all the types of dates ,specially the type which called the Ajwah date.

    So why the profit peace be up on him recommended us to eat 7 dates each morning?

    It was narrated by Bukhaari that the profit peace be up on him said (من تصبح كل يوم سبع تمرات عجوة

    لم يضره في ذلك اليوم سم ولا سحر )

    ( Whoever commits every day seven dates a day, does not harm that day any poison or magic.).

    It was found recently that eating Dates will generates a blue aurora around the body, This blue aurora will act as a protective shield and a barrier against many unseen electromagnetic waves generated by, hassad or Siher. and the Jinn will lose his capability to penetrate this blue shield generated around the human's body which is generated by the many elements exists in the dates specially the phosphorus element which is rich in the negative electrons which neutralize and remove the positive charges which the jinn likes and feed on them, these positive charges are usually generated around the human's body due to excitement, sadness, and other human's emotions and can be seen and noticed by the jinn.

    The phosphorus element has Phosphorescence spectrum radiations which support the blue color Aurora.

    It was found that the jinn has the capability to penetrate all the colors of the spectrums radiation except the blue spectrum color which he can not. This blue spectrum which exist in the blue aurora which surrounds the human's body when he eats 7 Ajwah dates .

    The hadith mentioned the Ajwah dates but I think any type of dates will provide the same efficiency provided by the Ajwah dates.

    In addition to the above there are many benefits for dates proven by modern science ,but in this article I wanted to concentrate on the protection aspects of eating dates against Siher, Hassad and jinn.